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[editar] 1. Rodovid policy

1.1. Rodovid is a non-commercial public project based in Kyiv, Ukraine, governed by Ukrainian legislation under the Constitution of Ukraine, Law on information, Convention for the Protection of Individuals with regard to Automatic Processing of Personal Data and other Ukrainian legislation. It is provided "as is".

1.2. Rodovid does not provide security for restrict access to any information published, all information has public access ! Restricted access might be developed in the future and will be sold then by paid subscription. Should an user want a part of his contributions not to be open to the general public, then he would have to pay for that privilege. It gives an opportunity for users whose living relatives not allow to publish such info in the usual public tree here.

1.3. Rodovid, its administration and/or its founders will never collect personal information, e.g. for third parties for any purposes. The main aim of this project is to provide a means for building genealogical trees and connecting people and their trees all over the world.

1.4. Rodovid's database operates under the last version of the CC-BY Creative Commons License.

1.5. Rodovid promotes a friendly environment of mutual respect for each user's contributions, but with respect for genealogy science. We respect our users and their contribution and promote such respect between them, but if they provide some trash - we will delete it without any warning and notification.

1.6. Rodovid's administration is guided by the principles of legality, decency and prudence, but retains the right to perform non-popular decisions, e.g., permanent blocks if it is in the community's interest.

[editar] 2. Users general rights and obligations

2.1. Users may freely use Rodovid as long as they abide by the obligations and restrictions provided by this rules.

2.2. Users can freely connect with each other and ask for assistance from advanced users and administration.

2.3. No hate speech or other discrimination is permitted.

2.4. Users are obliged to follow these rules without any personal restrictions.

2.5. The rights of the administration and advanced users are determined by Rodovid's administration.

2.6. Anonymous access to Rodovid doesn't allow right to create and edit records in any of the localized versions, except engine.

2.7. A user's user name may not mimic those of administrators. Such usernames would be blocked immediately.

[editar] 3. Rights of third parties

3.1. Every person has the right for the removal of information about himself and persons under his guardianship and trusteeship if it was entered by users of Rodovid.

3.2. If public interest prevails on the private interest of such persons the Administration of Rodovid can refuse the request for deletion with a reasoned explanation.

3.3. If any copyright infringements are discovered every person has the right to an elimination of the infringing material and, if technically possible, a permanent block on the user who violated such rules.

[editar] 4. Content rules

[editar] 4.1. Main Rule

4.1.1. There can be only one record associated with any individual through all language localizations.

[editar] 4.2. Private and public

4.2.1. User must receive verbal or written approval from his tree members for publishing on Rodovid personal information, and ask for disclosure limits.

4.2.2. No private information is allowed without the individual's permission. Records can be unilaterally edited by moderators to remove personal information, such as contact information.

[editar] 4.3. Controversy or uncertainty about a family link

4.3.1. If parents are controversial do not add any parents "as parents". Just add all controversial info in notes.

4.3.2. If both biological and adoptive/foster parents are known. Biological is preferred with adoptive/foster parents noted in the person notes.

4.3.3. One or both adoptive/foster parents may be used as parent if biological is unknown as long as information is disclosed in the notes.

4.3.4. Each person should have no more than one mother and one father in the family link. In case of multiple candidates the most probable is chosen and all other candidates are indicated as links in the notes. In case there is no agreement on the most probable father or mother no family link is given, all potential parents are indicated as links in notes.

4.3.5. Age of parents at birth of the child shouldn't be less than 12 years and more than 67 years for woman and 90 years for man. In some cases age of fathers could be less that 12 years and more than 67/90 years, but such record can be approved only if sources are present.

4.3.6. Each person should have the same mother and the same father in all language localizations.

4.3.7. The only exception of the rules 4.3 can be mythological persons, which do not have any relationship with historical persons and should be explicitly included in the categories "Mythology" or "XXXXX mythology"

[editar] 4.4. Advertisement and promotion

4.4.1. No advertisement and commercial information permitted without agreement of Rodovid's administration.

4.4.2. Users are not allowed to put any information about any corporation, association, group or other entity on all Rodovid's pages, except own user's page and user name.

4.4.3. Third parties or their representatives have no right to publish on Rodovid pages, any commercial or any other promotional information, e.g. religious, political, and any other propaganda without special agreement with administration.

[editar] 4.5. Connecting existing trees

4.5.1. Verifiable and reputable sources (archives sources, science articles etc.) must be cited when connecting trees.

4.5.2. If more than one theory are present for connections, the administrator can choose the most probable by quality of the sources on consensus or strong majority. If there is no consensus or strong majority on the most probable connection, such resources connection aren't desirable, but alternative relations can be indicated as detailed information and links in the notes.

[editar] 4.6. Sources and original research

4.6.1. Original research MUST be sourced.

4.6.2. Facts or connections based on original conjecture and not found in reputable sources (science articles, archives etc.) are not permitted.

[editar] 5. Record rules

5.1. Cross-locales clan rule - Writing clan names is based on local language rules.

5.1.1. Clan must be always equal to surname at birth, except local rule allows other system.

5.1.2. If user not sure about spelling of person's surname, field clan must be empty.

5.2. Place must match to historical administrative-territorial division.

5.3. Records about persons birth and death more that 100 years must contain exact year (date) or, if there is no information of exact date - estimated year or some period, when such occasion could happen.

5.4. UPPERCASE and lowercase in records are strongly restricted!

5.5. Pages (e.g. place pages) which contain only a link to Wikipedia are useless and not allowed. If you create a place page it must contain data interesting for researchers (administrative-territorial division, archive funds, churches, e-sources so on.)

5.6. If there is no language localization provided with needed language, person can:

5.6.1. Provide a translation of localization to his own language and found new localization with administrative rights and obligations


5.6.2. Provide information in any other localization with mark [[Category:Need localization]] [[Category:(name of language) localization]]

5.7. No erotic, porno images allowed. Images with children must not contain genitals, except photos older than 100 years and only in respect of the project aims.

5.8. Single records are forbidden, except when such records are created within local projects of digitizing memory books etc. Such records must be categorized and not to double existing records.

[editar] 6. Copyright and copyleft

6.1. Copyright images and photos allowed only under all of the following conditions:

6.1.1. Person's photo or image in records about this person if no alternative photos and images are present;

6.1.2. If author allows using such image or photo in non-commercial projects or directly on Rodovid site.

6.2. If image or photo looks like copyright work but author aren't known users must note about this.

6.3. Administration can ask any user about sources and copyright of any image and photo in Rodovid.

6.4. If any infringement is found all work can be deleted.

6.5. Copyleft images and photos (ie, those licensed under a free licence, such as Creative Commons) are desirable and preferable.

6.6. If own work published on Rodovid it means that it released under the most recent CC-BY Creative Commons License edition used on Rodovid site.

[editar] 7. Administration

7.1. Rodovid's administration consist of founders and administrators.

7.2. Administrative rights granted to:

7.2.1. founders of Rodovid

7.2.2. users who made a translation of new language localization and ready to serve as its moderator.

7.2.3. advanced users, who make a contribution to project or regularly moderate recent changes on localization and helps another users to built their trees.

7.2.4. users, who has good knowledge in using Rodovid and is an expert in historical science or has experience in genealogy

7.3. Administrative rights granted permanently, but if administrator not active than 7 month such rights can be cancelled.

7.4. Administrators has right to create/modify/delete any record or article in Rodovid if they violate this rules but with regard for users contribution and experience in system.

7.5. Administrators obliged to provide regular moderation of recent changes on his localization and to welcome all news users.

7.6. Administrators obliged to help users in creation of their trees and articles.

7.7. Administrators obliged to prevent any advertisement, hate speech or other strong violations of this rules.

7.8. Decision of banning user violated rules about content or hate speech is made not less than 3 administrators or, in some cases, by common decision of founder and local administrator.

7.9. Administration could grant some privileges for users for providing activity by art. 7.4-7.7., except system limitations.

7.10. Rights and oblications of administrators and other staff could be detailed in special rules.

[editar] 8. Rules date and localizations

8.1. This rules adopted on September 6th 2010 and are effective since September 20th 2010. During this period using new rules are preferable.

8.2. All localizations must have an equal translation of this rules.

8.3. Local rules can be added by additional statements if special national or other specific conditions apply.

8.4. Such rules must be added to any other localization with remark that they are only present in that specific localization.

8.5. Founders and administration can change this rules at any time in response to changes in legal restrictions (emergency changes).

[editar] 9. Local rules

[editar] 9.1. Rodovid.DE (German)

No information available 2011/1/27

[editar] 9.2. Rodovid.EN (English)

9.2.1. Clan Name:

Clan name should be used to denote Clan, Tribe, or Dynastic affiliation. Rodovid defaults to the value of the text entered in the Surname field. If there is any doubt as to what should appear in this field, enter the value that appears in the Father's Clan field, or else leave it blank and allow the default value. Admins have the right to edit/enter it a different way.
  • Female Surnames:
These should appear as surname at birth not as husband's last name (unless the maiden surname was the same as husband's surname).
  • Clan name of Kings and Princes:
These should represent the Dynastic affiliation (i.e. Rurikid, Capet, Plantagenet, Mihr, Sassanid, Romanov, House of Sargon, House of David, etc)

9.2.2 Place Names:

Place field should reflect the geopolitical boundaries at the time the person lived with full administrative-territorial subordination starting from minor and separated by comma, or left blank.
  • If the user is not sure about place and its subordination order it must be filled in description field.
  • If the user is not sure what place is connected to event - he must put it in notes.
  • Churches, workplaces, schools etc. should be entered into the description field.

[editar] 9.3. Rodovid.ES (Spanish)

No information available 2011/1/27

[editar] 9.4. Rodovid.FI (Suomi)

No information available 2011/1/27

[editar] 9.5. Rodovid.FR (French)

9.5.1. Place field:

  • in France, must be filled as it is written in, without the disembiguation part, plus the departement number in parenthesis. e.g.: Cherbourg (50).
For particular places, which were not in France in particular periods, the full administrative-territorial subordination have to be written.
Chambery in 1820: Chambery (74), Savoie (Savoy)
Strasbourg in 1910: Strasbourg (67), Empire allemand (German Empire)
  • in Belgium, as it is written on this page: fr:Liste standardisée des lieux de Belgique
  • anywhere else, as it is written in, with the same disembiguation part, if there is one, plus the full administrative-territorial subordination starting from minor and separated by comma.

9.5.2. In France, places known as lieux-dits (Locality) or paroisses, trèves (Parishes) may demand the creation of a place page.

  • 9.5.3. For non french clans, clan field must be filled with the rules applied in corresponding localization, except for notorious clans, which name have french equivalents. e.g. Romanov is well known in french, not Romanovi.

[editar] 9.6. Rodovid.ID (Bahasa Indonesia)

No information available 2011/1/27

[editar] 9.7. Rodovid.IT (Italian)

No information available 2011/1/27

[editar] 9.8. Rodovid.JA (Japanese)

No information available 2011/1/27

[editar] 9.9. Rodovid.LV (Latviešu)

No information available 2011/1/27

[editar] 9.10. Rodovid.NL (Dutch)

No information available 2011/1/27

[editar] 9.11. Rodovid.PL (Polish)

No information available 2011/1/27

[editar] 9.12. Rodovid.PT (Portuguese)

No information available 2011/1/27

[editar] 9.13. Rodovid.PT-BR (Brasilian portuguese)

No information available 2011/1/27

[editar] 9.14. Rodovid.RO (Romanian)

No information available 2011/1/27

[editar] 9.15. Rodovid.RU (Russian)

9.15.1. Clan must be always in plural, except indeclinable surnames.

9.15.2. Place field must contain nothing or place with full administrative-territorial subordination starting from minor and separated by comma.

9.15.3. If user not sure about place and it's subordination it must be filled in description field.

9.15.4. If user not sure what place connected to event - he must put it in notes.

9.15.5. Churches, workplaces, schools etc. must be filled only in description field.

9.15.6. Name field may contain patronymic name.

[editar] 9.16. Rodovid.UK (Ukrainian)

9.16.1. Clan must be always in plural, except cases when admins gives right to write it in other way.

9.16.2. Place field must contain nothing or place with full administrative-territorial subordination starting from minor and separated by comma.

9.16.3. If user not sure about place and it's subordination it must be filled in description field.

9.16.4. If user not sure what place connected to event - he must put it in notes.

9.16.4. Churches, workplaces, schools etc. must be filled only in description field.

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